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Our Organic Products

We sell organic lamb and mutton

  • Organic Lamb
  • Organic Mutton
  • Merguez (spicy sheep sausages)  
  • Sheep sausage                                
  • Minced lamb and minced mutton   
  • Whole lambs or sheep for mechouis  : please contact us

Availability, Packaging and Delivery

The meat is processed and vacuum-packed by our butcher, who is also certified organic by

The meat is prepared and delivered on Fridays from mid May to the end of December

We deliver in the valley of the Aude (Quillan, Couiza, Limoux, Carcassonne). For clients that live further away we either meet somewhere or we group several deliveries to a specific area on the same day.

To order you must contact us at least 1 to 2 weeks in advance.

The Prices

Organic Lamb - Butchered and vacuum packed 15€ / Kg
Mutton 15€ / Kg
Merguez (spicy sheep sausage) 15€ / Kg
Sheep sausage (not spicy) 15€ / Kg
Minced sheep 15€ / Kg
Minced lamb 25€00 / Kg
Whole lamb sheep for a méchoui Get in touch


Because of the rules about transporting meat we can not deliver whole lambs (We don't have a sufficiently big refrigerated vehicle). However the client may come and pick up the lamb at the abattoir on a Thursday after a previous agreement and payment, in all legality.